After our stay on Vancouver Island, we quickly find our way back to the mountains. Whistler, a paradise for outdoor activities and the site of the Alpine and Nordic skiing competitions during the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics, is our next destination.


We first spend a few quiet days in Whistler. The place reminds us a bit of the mountain vacation destinations we like so much in Switzerland.

It is pleasant to stroll around the mostly car-free village center. We enjoy the cafes and thoroughly test the local breweries.

With sunny weather and high temperatures in mid-August, a refreshing swim in Lost Lake is more than welcome, and we finally treat ourselves to a wellness break at the Scandinave Spa.

Our highlights

Village atmosphere

Forecast Coffee

The Bunker Cafe

The Brickworks


Whistler Brewing Company

Coast Mountain Brewing

Lost Lake

Scandinave Spa

Blackcomb Mountain & Peak2Peak

Our first hike takes us up Blackcomb Mountain, a moderate hike with great views of the surrounding mountainous landscape. It turns out to be impossible to get a round-trip ticket for the cable car ride we’re interested in. We have no other option than to buy a day pass for the whole region at an exorbitant price. We make a virtue out of necessity and don’t take the cable car back to the village directly after the hike. Instead, we take the vertiginous Peak2Peak gondola to the other side of the valley, to Whistler Mountain. This ride is an unforgettable experience, even for people used to taking the cable car. This cable car is only suspended between two towers on both side of the valley with no supports in between and spans over three kilometers. The maximum height above the valley is over 400 meters.

Our highlights

Blackcomb Meadows

Mountainous landscape

Peak2Peak experience

Garibaldi Provincial Park

The Panorama Ridge hike in Garibaldi Provincial Park is without a doubt the absolute highlight of our stay in the Whistler area. A while ago, Marion had seen the pictures of this hike and had made it her goal to reach the top. What she didn’t know was that this trail is almost 30 kilometers long and has a elevation gain of more than 1500 meters. No reason to be discouraged, we prepared ourselves for a long and hard day.

Already at the beginning of the hike, we met Tom, a hiker in his sixties from Vernon in the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia. He joins us for the first part of the hike. Tom masters the art of small-talk and our pleasant conversations make the first two and a half hours of hard climbing in the forest pass in a flash. We have to say goodbye to Tom at a fork in the trail.

We continue our way to the Taylor Meadows campground. The night before, it looks like a black bear had sought out the company of the campers, stealing their provisions and terrorizing them. We didn’t run into him though, that day we needed our bug spray way more than our bear spray.

The real pleasure of this hike begins at the campsite. We hike along beautiful meadows, have a first sight of the Black Tusk, a stratovolcano and a pinnacle of volcanic rocks, and pass the lower Garibaldi Lake. In the distance we see the summit of Panorama Ridge. Before we get there, there is however still a steep and difficult climb through a large rock field. At the top, the batteries are empty, but what a fantastic panoramic view. In front of us lies Garibaldi Lake with its bright turquoise water, surrounded by mountains rising out of the water, and behind us, the sharp side of Black Tusk.

We are unanimous: this hike made it to our top 5, if not top 3, of our best hikes of all time

Our highlights

Panorama Ridge

Small talk with Tom

Panoramic view

Garibaldi Lake

Black Tusk

Joffre Lakes Provincial Park

Early October on our way back from the Yukon, we stop once again in Whistler for two days and go for another hike in the Whistler area. This time we head to Joffre Lakes, a very famous hike leading to three beautiful mountain lakes, the last of which is overlooked by the impressive Matier Glacier.

Our highlights

Middle Joffre Lake

Matier Glacier

Color of the lakes

Our most beautiful hikes in detail