Panorama Ridge

Key figures

26.8 km

9:35 h


1527/1527 m

4 / 5

5 / 5

Panorama Ridge is without a doubt one of the best hikes in British Columbia. Picturesque and spectacular views of Garibaldi Lake and Black Tusk are the rewards of a challenging 10-hour hike. This is usually a two-day hike. Campsites are available at Garibaldi Lake and Taylor Meadows. We however decided to hike it in one very long and strenuous day.

Panorama Ridge is one of the absolute best hikes we ever went for. It is composed of three sections. The first section is in the forest, where you already cover half of the 1500 meters of elevation gain in about two and a half hours. From the Taylor Meadows campground, the terrain becomes flatter and offers beautiful views of the surrounding mountains and lakes. When we did the hike in August, the colorful flora added a plus to the already beautiful scenery. The trail is technically easy until the final climb to the summit. This last section to Panorama Ridge is quite difficult. The path is steep and goes through rocky terrain, partially still covered with snow. You need to be very sure-footed. At the top, we are rewarded with a fantastic panoramic view: on one side, the picturesque Garibaldi Lake in the middle of the mountains, on the other, the mythical Black Tusk and the mountain lakes Mimulus, Black Tusk and Helm.

The return trip went through the same route or, with a small detour, by Garibaldi Lake. The last kilometers in the forest are long and after nearly 10 hours of walking, we arrive exhausted at the parking.

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