Swiss National Park: Chamanna Cluozza – Fuorcla Murter

Key figures

14.3 km

7:05 h


1519/1231 m

3 / 5

4 / 5

The Swiss National Park is the country’s largest nature reserve and Central Europe’s oldest national park.

At the heart of the National Park lies the Chamanna Cluozza. Renovated in 2021, it is the only guarded hut in the reserve. Spending a night in the middle of nature in this charming accommodation is a very special experience. We booked an overnight stay for late summer, and set off on a two-day hike from Zernez to the Chamanna Cluozza, and from there via the Murtersattel to the Ofen pass road.

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Day 1 : Zernez – Chamanna Cluozza

6.7 km

3:10 h


730/332 m

3 / 5

3 / 5

On the first day, we begin our hike just outside the village of Zernez. At the start of the trail, you will find a fridge stocked with fresh food intended for the kitchen team of the Chamanna Cluozza to prepare meals at the hut. Hikers with enough strength and space in their backpacks can take a few items and carry them to the hut. We pack a generous load of carrots and set off.

The first part of the hike begins with a steady ascent through the forest. As we progress, the view gradually opens up to reveal the beautiful Val Cluozza and we already see the hut in the distance. At the highest point, we find some shade to escape the heat of this hot summer day and enjoy our picnic. The descent takes us along a relatively steep path on the side of the valley. Having a good sense of balance and not to be afraid of heights is recommended here. We then reenter the pine forest. Upon reaching the bottom of the valley, we cross the river on a wooden bridge and make a last brief climb to reach the hut.

At the destination, we are warmly welcomed by the friendly hut staff. Before checking in and settling into our room, we treat ourselves to a refreshing drink and a delicious slice of homemade apricot tart on the picturesque terrace nestled in the middle of the forest.


Day 2 : Chamanna Cluozza – Fuorcla Murter – Vallun Chafuol 

7.5 km

3:55 h


789/899 m

3 / 5

4 / 5

The next morning, after a good breakfast, we leave the hut early, hoping to encounter some animals during the hike. The ascent to Murtersattel begins in the forest. Above the tree line, we have a first overview of the valley. The valley, still enveloped in thick early-morning fog, gradually unveils itself to us. We soon come across an exposed passage, well secured with chains. However, it requires to be sure-footed and not be afraid of heights. After crossing this passage, we begin the last part of the climb, with its many bends towards the Murtersattel.

We are lucky to spot an ibex and a few chamois in the distance, and a few marmots closer to us. Reaching the summit of Murtersattel, we are rewarded with one of the most magnificent views of the Swiss National Park. We take our time, enjoy the panorama and rest for a while there.

On the way down, the view is just as beautiful. We even see a handful of edelweiss in the middle of the path. The 900 meters descent that separates us from the end of the trek can be painful on the knees, and we are glad to arrive at the lowest point. Crossing the bridge over the impressive Spöl Gorge is another highlight before finally arriving at the P3 parking lot, marking the end of the hike.