The Sunshine State

Our world tour starts with a few days of relaxation in Florida. After a short stay in Miami, we head for the west coast of Florida. There are countless islands, each more beautiful than the last. We focus on a few of them: Anna Maria, Longboat Key, Sanibel and Captiva.


After more than 15 hours of travel, we arrive at the Miami airport. After a long wait at the border control, we leave the airport and are immediately seized by the stifling heat and humidity typical of this season in Miami. It is Philip’s first time in the United States and Marion’s return to Miami after almost 7 years.

Our time in Miami will be a short one. After a short stay in the north of Miami Beach and a quick visit to South Beach, we pick up our rental car and head for our main destination: the west coast of Florida.

Our highlights

Pura Vida


Turo Car Sharing Market

Rideshare with Lyft

Anna Maria Island

First stop on the west coast of Florida: Anna Maria Island. A little corner of paradise. Far from the hustle and bustle of the cities, a slow life awaits us. We stay on the north side of the island. From our vacation appartment, only a few blocks separate us from the ocean. The island is so narrow that we can see Anna Maria beach on one side and the bay on the other.

The beach is almost untouched, lined with wild vegetation and a few beach houses in the local architectural style. The white sand and clear ocean water crown this perfect landscape.

The days are extremely hot and humid. We quickly understand the rhythm to take in Florida: take advantage of the pleasant temperatures early in the morning and at the end of the day. We enjoy the almost deserted beach in the early morning and walk around the island to watch the sunset at the end of the day.

Our highlights

Anna Maria Island Beach

Bean Point Beach

Anna Maria City Pier

Poppo’s Taqueria

Vacation appartment

Coquina Beach & Longboat Key

Along the islands of the west coast there are countless beaches. We venture south to Anna Maria Island and stop at “Coquina Beach”. A beautiful, wide white sand beach. The uniform brown lifeguard huts blend in perfectly with the landscape. This is a far cry from the colourful and flashy huts of Miami Beach.

A bridge of only a few meters separates Anna Maria Island from Longboat Key. In the north of this island are Beercan Island and Gibby Point. Remnants of trees at the ocean’s edge, white sand and clear water make for a beautiful landscape. To our surprise, we can see silhouettes in the water near the beach. By taking a closer look at the ocean, we realise that some manatees are swimming around.

We stop at Cortez Beach and at the lively Bridge Street. Small shops, cafes, restaurants, bars, there is something for every taste. In the hot hours, we particularly enjoy a few moments sheltered from the sun with a pleasant breeze under the porch of the Back Alley Treasures Café. We enjoy their fantastic cold brew and artisanal ice cream sticks from St. Augustine.

Our highlights

Coquina Beach

Gibby Point & Beercan Island

Bridge Street

Back Alley Treasures

Sanibel & Captiva Islands

Once we cross the bridge connecting the land to the islands of Sanibel and Captiva, a lush green landscape awaits us. The nature is so dense that it is impossible to distinguish the coast from the road. We discover little by little the beaches of Bowman, Lighthouse, Blind Pass and Turner. All these beaches, and many others, are covered with thousands of shells. 

Due to a lack of time and high daytime temperatures, we did not visit the J.N. Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge. If you get the chance, however, it is highly recommended for migratory bird watching. 

Our highlights

Bowman Beach

Lighthouse Beach

Blind Pass & Turner Beach

Lighthouse Café

Over Easy Café

Fort Myers

We spend only a short time in downtown Fort Myers. The local Millenial Brewing Co. is a mandatory stop. Beer taps line the length of the bar. One after the other, we sample the brewery’s must-haves as well as the specialties of the moment. We then go to the must-try “Ford’s Garage” diner, where we are immersed in the colours of the car manufacturer “Ford”.

Our highlights

Ford's Garage

Millenial Brewing Co

Back to Miami: Everglades & Wynwood

Our trip to Florida is slowly coming to an end. On our way back to Miami, we stop in the Everglades. This vast subtropical wetland, unique in the world, is the only ecosystem where crocodiles and alligators live together. We discover a small part of this large reserve during a tour in an airboat and see an alligator on this occasion, despite the high temperatures of this season. Crocodiles and alligators tend to hide in the mangroves when temperatures rise, especially from May onwards.

Back to Miami to catch our flight to Denver, we make a stop in the Wynwood district. This alternative neighbourhood is renowned for its sart. In this open-air museum, you can see large murals on the warehouses and buildings of the neighbourhood in every nook and corner. Behind the doors of these at first sight dilapidated buildings are countless art galleries and pleasant cafés, bars and restaurants.

Our highlights

Everglades National Park

Wynwood Walls

Love Life Café

Zak the Baker