Plain of Six Glaciers via Lake Agnes

Key figures

16.7 km

6:00 h


795/795 m

3 / 5

5 / 5

There are many hikes around Lake Louise. We combined two trails, Lake Agnes and Plain of Six Glaciers, to form a circuit of about 6 hours. Only early birds can drive directly to the lake and park there. For the others, a shuttle service is available from the ski resort. Please note that a reservation for a time slot of your choice is necessary during the high season.

We arrive at 7:15 am at Lake Louise and secure one of the coveted parking spots. The temperature is still a bit cool, but the weather is beautiful and Mount Victoria perfectly reflects in the calm waters of Lake Louise. The first 400 meters of ascent to Lake Agnes is quite fast. It is still a bit too early to take a break, so we continue our way.

Last time we visited, in spring 2019, the trail to the Plain of Six Glaciers was still closed due to snow. So back then, we decided to climb up a semi-snowy path to Little Beehive, a viewpoint over Lake Louise. Today, the trail to Plain of Six Glaciers is in great conditions and we opt for the route around Big Beehive. This one is much less crowded and also offers nice views of Lake Louise and the Chateau Fairmont. We continue our way along an imposing cliff towards the valley. The weather is gradually deteriorating and as we arrive in front of the Plain of Six Glaciers Teahouse, the rain starts to fall. It is the perfect time to have a hot cup of tea on the terrace of the mountain hut. Unfortunately, the weather does not improve. We equip ourselves accordingly and continue walking in the wind and rain to the viewpoint of the six glaciers. It is really worth it, but we don’t stay too long in this stormy weather. As the weather improves a little, we walk down the valley to the last part of the hike along Lake Louise, where we finish this beautiful hike despite the intermittent rain.


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