Iceberg Lake

Key figures

15.4 km

4:55 h


384/384 m

2 / 5

4 / 5

Iceberg Lake Trail is our very first hike in Glacier National Park. The trailhead of this 15-kilometer hike is located right behind our accommodation, the Swiftcurrent Motor Inn. We were quite lucky to be able to take this hike because the trail closed the next day and remained closed until we left two weeks later due to bear activity in this area. 

The first part of the trail goes through the forest until the trail becomes more open and offers beautiful views of the surrounding mountains. July was the perfect timing to see the famous bear grass which stands out in the landscape with its bright white color. After passing a nice waterfall and beautiful views of the Many Glacier valley, we approach the highest point of this hike, Iceberg Lake. Small icebergs floating on the clear water of the lake, even in summer, and the mountains rising behind create a wonderful landscape.

During the hike, we see several animals. A mule deer and its young approach on the trail. We try to keep our distance, but the doe doesn’t seem to mind and passes us by before disappearing into the forest. A rabbit was even more curious and started to nibble at Philip’s hiking boots with interest. On the other hand, a bighorn sheep hidden in the forest makes it clear by its energetic head movements that we should not approach it too closely.

We take the same trail back. As we passed the junction to the Ptarmigan Tunnel, one of the other major hikes in the area, we briefly consider going up there. This route would add three and a half hours and 500 meters of elevation gain to our hike. As the weather seems too uncertain and we still have a lot to discover in the next days, we pass on it.

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