Delta Lake

Key figures

11.7 km

4:30 h


710/710 m

5 / 5

5 / 5

One of our best experiences in Grand Teton National Park is definitely the climb to Delta Lake. The trail first leads us through the forest and then offers us beautiful views of Bradley and Taggart lakes. Along the way, we see a beautiful floral world and often observe animals during this hike. We are lucky enough to encounter a mule deer just 2 meters off the trail.

We are on the same hiking trail as the one leading to Amphitheater and Surprise lakes. We are paying close attention because the turnoff to Delta Lake is not marked. An unmarked trail appears and leads us to a very steep climb to Delta Lake. The last few kilometers to the lake are quite difficult, goes through rock slides and steep sections, it is only suitable for experienced hikers.

This climb puts us to the test and the high temperatures make us sweat a lot. But once we reach the top, it’s worth it. The alpine scenery, the clear water of Delta Lake with the Grand Teton almost at hand in the background is a highlight.

We gather our strength and head back the same way until we arrive at our car, exhausted but satisfied.

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