Sajama base camp

Key figures

14.5 km

4:55 h


791/864 m

3 / 5

5 / 5

For this hike to Sajama base camp, we are accompanied by a local guide. This is quite recommended, as hiking trails are not marked in Sajama National Park.

We leave the village of Sajama by car and begin our hike at the Queñua forest, the highest forest in the world. These rather small and discreet trees brave extreme conditions and are part of the unique vegetation of the Andes. After almost two hours’ walking and the first ascent, we find ourselves above the valley where Sajama’s former base camp was located and enjoy a breathtaking view of the valley and the volcano.

We then descend into the valley and cross a natural plain at the foot of the Sajama volcano and discover a group of vicuñas there. On the other side of the valley, the ascent through the sand is extremely steep and difficult, after that we reach the highest point of our hike, at over 5000m, where the new base camp is located. The scenery, especially the majestic Sajama volcano, is fantastic.

On our way back, we descend along the valley. Our guide takes the most direct route across the land without any distinct trail. Along the way to the hot springs, we pass numerous llamas and alpacas by the roadside. Arriving at the hot springs, we change in our bathing suits in an improvised cabin, then quickly enter the soothing hot water. Amid this dreamy landscape, we have the natural hot spring all to ourselves: the end of a hike could not be better.

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