Arizona: Page

Located on the border with Utah, the second region we visit in Arizona is the area of Page. Horseshoe Bend, Vermilion Cliffs or Antelope Canyon are only some of the numerous attractions of this region. Along our road we also discover the most famous natural wonder of Arizona: the Grand Canyon.

On the way to Page

On the way from Sedona to Page, we make a small detour too see the Grand Canyon. It is well worth it: the canyon, which is up to a mile deep, impresses in a way that no photo can replicate.

We also use the journey to Page to make a stop at the car rental agency in Flagstaff in order to exchange our Jeep. After the bad experiences we had in New Mexico, we strongly doubt that our vehicle has been properly maintained and checked. The agency in Flagstaff is very understanding and generously offers to change our car for a very spacious Chevrolet Traverse. It is then time to say goodbye to our Jeep and get back on the road with our new Chevrolet, our fourth car so far.


Our highlights

Grand Canyon National Park

New rental car

Wonderful landscapes


The small town of Page is surrounded by many natural treasures and the famous Lake Powell. This naturally makes it the tourist center of the region. With canyoning tours, boat rides on the lake or helicopter flights, a month’s travel budget can easily melt away in a week here.

We spend the few days in Page in a beautiful studio with a large garden. In the evening when the temperatures become more pleasant, it is the best time to relax in the jacuzzi after a good barbecue.

Page is located on the shore of Lake Powell, the second largest artificial reservoir in the United States. It is created by Glen Canyon Dam and is fed by the Colorado River. It floods over 90 canyons, but unfortunately is currently experiencing historically low water levels due to several years of drought.

Our highlights

LP Espresso

Top Airbnb

Lake Powell & Lone Rock Beach

Wahweap Overlook

Antelope Canyon & Horseshoe Bend

Our first destination in Page is Antelope Canyon, a narrow slot canyon formed by the work of time and accessible from the ground. It is without a doubt the most famous slot canyon in the world. The erosion of water and wind has created extraordinary, almost artistic sandstone shapes here.

Another must-see is Horseshoe Bend, a horseshoe-shaped loop of the Colorado River in Glen Canyon. We visit this majestic site at sunset and enjoy the beautiful shades of color and the peaceful atmosphere.

Our highlights

Upper Antelope Canyon

Horseshoe Bend

UTV tour through the Vermilion Cliffs

Not far from Page, we take a highly entertaining ride on a Utility Terrain Vehicle (UTV) through the Vermilion Cliffs National Monument. Our tour unexpectedly becomes a private tour due to lack of registrations and some cancellations. Our guide is eager to give us information and tell us a lot of interesting stories about the area. We drive the vehicle ourselves along narrow, winding and rocky roads on the border of Arizona and Utah. This experience contributes just as much to the fun and excitement as the beautiful scenery around us.

Our highlights

Drive with UTV

Vermilion Cliff Monument

Border between Utah & Arizona

Monument Valley

Like Arizona, the state of Utah has a lot to offer. It is nevertheless not part of our itinerary and we leave the beautiful parks of Zion, Bryce Canyon or Arches aside. We however do not skip a stop to appreciate Monument Valley on our way. Known for its cluster of sandstone buttes, this valley has regularly been a set for different movies. We absorbed ourselves in the magnificent landscape from the “Forrest Gump Overlook”. The clear view over the dead straight road even allows us to do a short photoshoot without taking any risks from an accident prevention point of view.

We drive through Utah and the Colorado River shows us the way to its home state: we are heading to the mountains in Colorado. For the next few weeks, the road trip will make its way for hiking and wildlife viewing will replace sightseeing.

Our highlights

Forrest Gump Overlook